AW: VCS3 Filter Cap values

<<marjan>> urekar.m at EUnet.yu
Fri Jul 17 16:01:43 CEST 1998

Haible Juergen wrote:

> BTW: The filter schemos show a 10u capacitor across the
> CV input ( C31, parallel to the 1k lower divider leg).
> This will slow down modulation transients. S&H sounds
> like using a portamento, for example. I have no idea if
> this is an error in the schemos or if it's actually inside the
> VCS3, but I've cut it out on my clone yesterday, and it sounds
> much better now.

It's mistake in the schematic,lower leg of cap should go down
to -9V rail.If you look to it ,there's one C40 10uF 16 V 
filter cap between +9V and gnd rail,but there's no for the 
-9/gnd.Even polarisation is (+) to gnd ,so (-) should go
to - (and cutoff in can go above 0V).


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