AW: Steiner-Parker? Other diode filters?

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Fri Jul 17 12:51:21 CEST 1998

	>On a more related note, does anyone else out there know of synth
	>that used diodes as the control voltage element (as opposed to the
	>transistors in the Moog design)?  I know of only a few:
	>EMS VCS3/Synthi
	>Roland TB-303
	>Korg MS-50 (these three can be seen at
	>Practical Electronics Minisonic
	>What other synths used diode filters?  I suspect the Steiner-Parker
	>synths used these (perhaps in a state-variable configuration). Did
	>of the older Rolands use diode ladder filters?  Didn't PAiA use
	>in some of their filters?

Roland SH-5, if memory serves.
And I wouldn't be surprised if the "Korg-35" IC, that was widely used
in many Korg synths, uses a diode ring, too. I really do not know,
so don't create a myth, I just think that it would make sense.


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