audio delay dispersion

Paul Perry pfperry at
Fri Jul 17 10:49:05 CEST 1998

At 10:45 AM 16/07/98 -0400,  Eli Brandt wrote:

>D*g*t*l dispersion: I've used a chain of allpass filters (simpler),
>and a filterbank with a bunch of delays (non-ideal, more tweakable).
>Both would be pretty hairy in analogue, I guess.
>Mechanical dispersion: well, remember those audio-transmission delay
>boxes?  Do one in wire instead of air-column.  (Stiffness makes
>higher frequencies move faster.)  Too bad about that speed of sound...
I guess we could fill the column with depleted uranium hexaflouride..
seriously though, how many filters did you use & was it uesful?
Would it be worth adding delay to N vocoder channels?

paul perry melb aust

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