Nonlinear vs. chaotic

Magnus Danielson magnus at
Fri Jul 17 00:17:56 CEST 1998

>>>>> "PP" == Paul Perry <pfperry at> writes:

Hi Paul!

 PP> At 05:25 PM 15/07/98 -0700, >Ethan Duni wrote:
 >> -speaking of which; has anyone used nonlinear transmission elements to make
 >> the high-harmonic content of pulses or sawtooth waves more "ideal" in a
 >> musical system? i'm doing a bunch of shockline stuff to that end at work,
 >> but it doesn't have any immediate musical applications, 

 PP> I am looking for a physical (or electronic! I'm not fussy!) method to delay an
 PP> audio signal, with the delay being strongly frequency dependant, so the elements
 PP> of a noise pulse will spread out timewise... I believe a corrugated tube will
 PP> do this over a narrow frequency range, but I need a full bandwidth audio
 PP> solution...

If you want to do this with audio you are looking into using some kind
of diffusor setup. An diffusor will partly dampening and partly
reflect the wave. The reflected wave will be spread out in time by the
simple fact that you got a lot of reflecting surfaces. There are many
ways to set such a thing up and I can direct your attention to a
number of books taking up the subject among others.

There is of course ways to do it electrically, a reverb will have a
few distinct early reflections and then follows a long tail of
diffusion. A serious digital reverb let you tweak the individual
parameters at your taste. I would recommend a tweak session over a
Lexicon reverb, PCM-70 or LXP-15 or something. This is not very DIYish
but to get the effect you want you might still need to tweak it into
the place you want.

Otherwise will your discussion also makes me thing of dispersion (such
as you have in microwave fields and optic fibers), if you get a line
properly you can get the dispersion work for you in this case. This
can be done in many ways, but the general principle is that you have
various speeds of wavepropagations and the signal is being effected by
all of these.

I don't think it pure analog design will provide a enougth complex
obstruction to get the wished effect, but with some nonlinear stuff
like BBDs it could be possible to obstruct it a bit...

Could any of these methods help?


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