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Thu Jul 16 11:17:43 CEST 1998

My quick take on translating the text:


Here's a diagram of a chaotic oscillator, also called "Chua
oscillator", used in the lab for some tests.

<schematic picture>

non-linear chaos generator oscillator.

This design use very classic parts, easy to reproduce. We suggest one
output and one control input. The 100K pot allow adjustment of the
"plage" of functioning. (probably some sort of range control,
considering where the pot is put :-> )

To listen to the sound of this oscillator: Click here, for the
chaotic mode.

Waveform graphs from the stable and the chaotic modes.

<stable pic>

Oscillation in the stable mode, the signal is harmonic

<chaos pic>

Oscillation in the chaotic mode.

Other pages on the net, A propos Chaos:


Mind you, it was some time since I had french, too, but I don't think
I'm too far off.
/Moxie (qui ne parle pas francois)

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