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John Speth johns at
Wed Jul 15 18:17:08 CEST 1998

I remember that Mouser sold motorized pots a couple of years ago.  I haven't seen them in their catalog lately though but I haven't been specifically looking for them either.  I wonder if they still can get them.

But in application, someone mentioned something about a "good analog control" circuit for these things.  It seems to me that a motorized pot (even moreso, multiple motorized pots) beg to be controlled by an embedded cpu.  All the loop functions and data recall and storage could be best served in software.  The only analog circuitry you'd need is that which will provide current drive for the motor and an ADC for position feedback.  Isn't that why you usually see twinned pots?  --> one for your application circuit and one for feedback to your controller for position information.  I've never used one of these but can somebody enlighten me on other applications?

Imagine a primo modular synth with motorized pots and LEDs for indicating cable patching end points!!  You get the flexibility of programming a modular with the ability to recall patches with the assistance of software.  That's my dream instrument (a la NASA budget)!

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