Faceplate Lamination

Andrew Schrock aschrock at cs.brandeis.edu
Wed Jul 15 17:18:23 CEST 1998

On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, List, Christopher wrote:
> I was very pleased with the results. It may not be the prettiest
> solution in the world, and time will tell as to it's durability, but
> it's **so cheap and easy** that it's almost irresistible. The laminate
> is also surprisingly strong as far as scratch resistance goes. Come to
> think of it, now that I've had some of my home-built panels for a couple
> of years, I've come to realize that all of my fretting about durability
> was a little exaggerated - I mean, when something's mounted in a rack,
> what would happen to cause the edges to peel away from the plate? Your
> stuff is really pretty well protected - unless you're making a tabletop
> unit... The only thing you really need to worry about is scratch
> resistance. Even if the glue fails, you've got all the components
> holding it in place.

I'm strangely enough moving away from large rackmounted devices. I've 
realized that part of what I like about my synths is 1) their portability
and 2) their usefulness.. each one fufills a specific purpose, and I can
mix and match each of them depending on the purpose I have in mind.. 3) I
like putting patches together on my bed :) 

I've shrunk my rack spaces down to 1 10 space rack and 1 4 space rack, and
ditched the 12 space rack. A dorm room is only so big, yknow.. I don't
like the space that's wasted in a rackmounted case, either, unless you get
a low-profile rack. 

I recently moved my MAP drum machines into a radio shack case. It fits
nicely by my mc-202 and sh-101, and is quite sturdy even if its not
totally professional-looking. My asm-1 is in a cardboard box right now,
but I'll move it to some sort of plastic case in the near future. Even the
modular I'm currently building is going to be housed behind a somewhat
small (16"x12") front panel. 

On another note, assembly of my modular and accompanying mini-synth is
going well. I've vectorboarded/tested the VCAs and VCOs, (on $1.25 rat
shack vectorboard) and placed my order for a MOTM-100. Still left to do
are the ringmod, VCFs, and ADSRs (3 of em!). This is going to be an
extremely handy little beast, especially combined with my asm-1.. I'll put
pics of the synth in progress up on the web sometime and give the web
address for them after I've recieved the front panels from Germany and
install a few modules/jacks so people will have a good idea of where I'm
going with the project. 


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