AW: motorised pots

Paul Perry pfperry at
Wed Jul 15 15:06:48 CEST 1998

At 11:08 AM 15/07/98 +0200, JH. wrote:

>Personally, I could even live with all motorized potentiometers 
>of a synth travelling to their new positions one by one,.......
>If you find a good (analogue) control circuit, please tell me.
>An opamp that compares the set voltage with the momentary
>potentiometer voltage, and thus drives the motor forward and backward,
>would be all that's needed. But designing the right time constant, and
>probably a little tolerance window where the motor doesn't move,
>might be some amount of work.

the place to look for ckts would be amateur robotics, because pots are often
used to
determine when the correct rotational or linear position has been can 
find astoundingly precise and expensive ones in the USA surplus dealers

paul perry melbourne australia
BTW the 'cheap' motor pots I mentioned just have 2 wires coming from the
motor, so to reverse you 
reverse the current... you could rely on this motor to have plenty of 'dead
space', you bet!

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