DSP: ADI-Dream?

Daniel Oberfeld OBERFELD at psych.gp.TU-Berlin.DE
Wed Jul 15 09:33:59 CEST 1998

Hi everybody,
nearly one year I waited for someone to use the ressources of the 
Analog Devices SHRC-DSPs combined with CSound, now finally the german 
manufacturer Creamware announced the SCOPE (that is a beauty..)

*BUT: all this might be possible for DIY!!*

Story is, ADI licensed CSound (a programming language for 
Sound-Synthesis, MIDI etc. developed by the MIT), extended it and 
optimized it for the SHARCs. 



Some highlights from that page:

"Enhanced version of Public Csound, optimized in SHARCOE DSP assembly code. 

                       Currently offers more than 300 opcodes including 60 written exclusively for Analog Devices. 

                       Wavetables pulled from host RAM across PCI bus in real-time, eliminating the need for on-board
                       sample memory. 

                       Polyphony determined only by algorithm complexity and DSP power. As SHARC speeds increase,
                       so will the number of voices, thus lessening future hardware re-engineering. 

                       Windows 95OE Plug-and-Play compatible 

                       Full MIDI control of instruments parameters and controllers. MIDI implementation provides: 
                           -General MIDI w/ sysex 
                           -MIDI manager on DSP for low-latency keyboard response 
                           -Up to 6 virtual MIDI ports (max. 96 channels) 
                           -Exclusive key groups for drums 
                           -Efficient support of multiple wavetable libraries

                       Up to 6 channels audio out, 4 channels in 

                       Simultaneously runs a variety of synthesis techniques: 
                           -Physical Modeling 
                           -Phase vocoder 
If anyone starts messing around with that, I'm in!!!!!


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