Can a diode/transistor ladder filter be run from a single-ended power supply?

cyborg0 at cyborg0 at
Wed Jul 15 02:22:23 CEST 1998

Sean Costello wrote:
> Hi everyone:
> I want to actually start building some of the circuits I have on my page
> (, but I would like to make a few
> changes.  Specifically, I would like to create a diode ladder filter (a
> la the VCS3 or TB303) that can be run off of a single ended power supply
> (in this case, a 9V battery).  I just like 9V batteries, OK?
Yes.. the BEST thing is the LTC1044ACN8 (for voltages up to 12 or 15
volts i think) OR the LTC1044CN8 (for voltages up to 9v)
These things can easily invert any voltage and do so with very low
ripple..I burned one of these up in a piece of gear the other day
(Syntecno TeeBee) and was amazed that all that was being done with just
Im sold on them.. i went out and bought 5 of em cuz I know of a billion
Linear Technologies has the data sheets on the web site.

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