Juno106 High Pass Filter Slider

Justin Case random at montrealnet.net
Tue Jul 14 12:47:57 CEST 1998

Hi there you synthethic freaks.

Okay, I bought a Juno106 not that long ago. And ehum. It has two broken
sliders. One is a normal run-off-the-mill slider. So it's pretty dumb to
change. But, the other one is the High Pass Filter slider. And it is not
only broken. It's MISSING altogether. And this slider is a 4 position
slider, not a normal slider. My questions are:

Could I install a normal slider instead of replacing it with a 4pos
slider? I mean, would it behave like it's still 4 position? Is it more
like a switch? or IS IT a switch? Because I'd like to have a real slider
on the HPF instead of being limited to 4 cutoff position.

And, if I really have to replace it with a 4pos slider. Anybody knows
what is the model/serial/anything of that specific piece? As I said,
it's missing, so I don't have a clue what the piece really is. And where
could I get one?

I know this looks like a basic stupid question, but Im a basic stupid
newbie too :) I don't have all that much experience and I need help! I
don't wanna send it to the store to have it repaired and get charge
32479$ for the job. I know this is just a 10-30$ job so.



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