ripple noise...

Justin Case random at
Sat Jul 11 06:17:50 CEST 1998


Okay, this is my first time ever posting on a mailing list. Hope im
doing everything right. HEah :)

>Thanks for all the answers on the audio OP amps! There's still
>about my Fatman that bothers me, though...
>There is a terrible 50Hz  noise on the audio output due to the
>transformer I built into the box. I've tried to screen it etc, but this

>is not really my area.
>Any ideas would be appreciated! Maybe I have to move the transformer
>of the Fatman box.

This could (from my dont-have-a-clue point of view) either be
intereference or too much voltage from the transformer. To find out if
it interference, try replacing most wires with shieled ones where
possible and moving the transformer as far as humanly possible. If the
noise persists, you probably don't have the right voltage, too much or
too little voltage often causes noise like that. And if I remember
right, I think PAiA stuff require bi-polarized transformer. I don't have
a clue what's the difference between a normal one and a bi-pol. But Im
pretty sure that could also be causing problems.

Now, I can't see how this would help you, Im far from being good in
electronics, i merely look at specs and follow instruction most of the
time. But, I hope it helps.

Btw, is the fatman a good investement? I've been thinking about buying
one lately. I just didn't enough ressources on how it feels/play.


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