AW: question about audio OP amp

tomg tomg at
Fri Jul 10 18:34:19 CEST 1998

>> Am I mistaken, or do some people claim they can hear the
>> between 741's and other more modern opamps and prefer the sound of
>> 741's? I've heard this mentioned before... Any evidence to back
>this claim
>> up? 

>Never heard of anyone who did a real A/B comparison and said
>he liked the 741 better, so this is most probably just a myth.

Well you have now... IMO the 741 just sounds better for some things like ramp
to pulse converters. The TLO7X/LF3XX series sound very smooth and higher slew
rate devices have a more overdriven sound. A 741 is just right when I need low
slew and noise...:)


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