question about audio OP amp

Andrew Schrock aschrock at
Thu Jul 9 22:20:08 CEST 1998

On Thu, 9 Jul 1998, Johan Persson wrote:
> As a novice in the art of OP's, I used the TL072 as an audio OP in a
> Paia Fatman mod and I'm not really sure about this... Has anyone any
> suggestions to a simple, good OP to use with audio?


You should be fine using any garden-variety op-amp.. TL082, TL072, even a
741 would be fine. I use TL082's since they're cheap, decent quality, and
is a dual vs. a single. 

Are you working on the audio input mod? If so IMO it's cool to decrease
the value of a critical resistor (marked r_gain on scott's mod gif) to
overdrive the circuit slightly. I have mine overdriving my input by maybe
a factor of 2, so that when the ex. in volume is up all the way the input
sound slightly distorts, but when it's at 1/2 the sound is just filtered
normally. Handy! 


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