LM566, IC8038, Fatman CVs

Bill Layer b.layer at vikingelectronics.com
Thu Jul 9 15:38:59 CEST 1998

>I once mentioned the possibility in (one of the periodic) "ICL8038 as VCO"
>threads here.
>I think it would work in a very similar way.
Is this the Harris IC8038 - VCO chip with sine, tri, pulse? I've been given
a couple by one of our engineers, he thought they would be great for emusic
apps. I was planning to use one possibly as a VC/LFO for the tube synth.

Another subject: The FatMan produces V/Hz pitch CV output. This is
necessary as it's VCO's are essentially just linear response
voltage-to-current converters (current sourcing a relaxation oscillator).
Log CV is required for tempered pitch.

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