Mini1cv Online (preliminary)

tomg tomg at
Thu Jul 9 11:04:26 CEST 1998

The Mini1cv brings me full circle and is based on the first synth I ever built
(which was based on a single Oberheim Matrix-12 voice). I never posted the
Mini1 because it is full of chips made by Curtis Electronics and as far as I
knew were no longer available. Well, time has passed and things have changed.
Synthesis Technology at now has all chips in stock. 

1 CEM3374  15.00
1 CEM3372  15.00
2 CEM3310  32.00

The Mini1cv is a standard normalized synth on a 4X6" pc board. Only 8 chips
for the whole thing.It's easy to build reasonable in cost and sounds terrific.

This is a preliminary posting. The circuits have all been tested but I just
started putting it all together. I'm sure I'll tweek this before I'm done. I
posted it for people who were interested in the 3374 VCO and may want to buy a
3372 and a couple of 3310s while they're at it. I will finish over the weekend
and post changes then.


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