27c010 eprom blaster

The Dark force of dance batzman at all-electric.com
Thu Jul 9 09:19:40 CEST 1998

Y-ellow Y'all.
        I know this is probably a long shot but does anyone relatively local
to me have an eprom blaster that can do a 27C010? I have a dead laptop of
which I believe the eprom is dead. (I mean when some dick-head inserts 'em
in backwards they tend to be toast.) I have one-only good copy of the eprom.
If I loose that then I have two dead lap-tops. They're a piece of crap
anyway and I got ripped off on them badly. But the only way I'm gonna find
out if I can use the second one in any capacity is by getting a new copy of
the eprom.

I bought them from Paul <pg at logicworld.com.au> (Warning Warning danger Will
Robinson) and they were supposed to be 386s in V-good condition blah blah
blah. When I got them they turned out to be 286s in very-stuffed condition.
Now, in order to try and at least redeem something of this little scam, I'm
trying to revive them to use as intelligent LCD displays. Not that the
displays are very good either. :( They have a latency of about 3 weeks.

But they're not much good to use for what I bought them for. To use them as
lap-tops. I have an eprom blaster but it only handles up to 27c512. I tried
to dump the BIOS to a file but the software I have doesn't seem to
understand files of that size. So if anyone can help me out here I would
appreciate it muchley.

Thanks in advance.

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