3 throw switches?

Toby Paddock tpaddock at seanet.com
Wed Jul 8 16:31:08 CEST 1998

I've got some like Don describes.  C&K  model 7211.  
Mine have a locking lever (pull to unlock), but I don't think that's part of the 7211 number.
It wasn't real clear to me how to wire it SP3T.

Label the terminals:

2 - wiper


5 - wiper

jumper 3 to 5

IN is 2

OUTs are 1, 4, and 6

Also, the thing LOOKS just like a DPDT on-off-on switch and it gets ugly if you mix them up.

Hoping this finds you,
Toby Paddock
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   am I nuts here, or is it impossible to find a tripple throw
   switch. Is there a way to wire a 2pole 2 throw switch to be a
   single pole 3 throw switch? Am I nuts? in the buchla quad low
   pass gate, there is a 2pole 3throw switch to select modes. How
   do I do this?!?!?!

You're talking about those little toggle switches, right?  

Get one designated as a "DPDT on-on-on".  That means that it's a DPDT
switch, with a center position, and if we refer to the positions as
left, center, and right, in the center position one pole's wiper is
connected to the left terminal and the other pole's wiper is connected
to the right.  It should be pretty clear how to wire one of these into
a 3PST switch.

This is as opposed to a "DPDT on-off-on" which leaves the poles
unconnected in the center position.

  -- Don

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