Maxx VCO-3374A Addition

tomg tomg at
Sun Jul 5 13:43:56 CEST 1998

I added the VCO-3374A module to my Maxx pages.

I have started work on the Mini1cv. Again something I built for the m1cv ended
up in the Maxx. But work continues and the m1cv will be here soon. 
All of the drawings and layouts are done, I just have to put it together.

This dual VCO is build arround a Curtis CEM-3374. Have I mentioned this is a
great chip!! It contains two high presision VCOs. I configured the 3374
normally . Temp comp pin 10 of the 3374 is not used. I thought about it and
maybe a freq/volt converter like the 9400 could be used to provide CV for temp
comp but not this time, stability is still very good as it is. If you want to
do temp comp use a tempco just as you would for any standard design. The
VCO-3374 will run on +-15V/-5V as well as +-12V/-5V. The VCOs are independant
and can be run in LFO mode. Features ramp/pulse/tri waves, sync and fm. has the CEM3374 in stock at $15 each.


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