Itsy Teenie Small Pots? (for 202 & 606 mods)

Sean Costello costello at
Fri Jul 3 02:21:22 CEST 1998

Hi everybody:

I remember someone writing a while back about really small pots that
were useful for DIY mods.  I'd like to install the Mix mods into my 606,
and adapt some of the Nova Mod ideas for my 202.  Unfortunately, those
beasties have very little room inside.  I really don't want to go the
route of a breakout box.  Does anyone have any good sources for small
pots?  (Not just trimpots, of course - something that you could stick a
knob on.)

>From pictures, the Devilfish (Robin Whittle's 303 mod) uses super small
pots.  Anybody have any idea what he uses?


Sean Costello

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