wasp (was: Re: [sdiy] Comparator = Opamp ??)

Sean-E shudder at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jul 10 07:47:20 CEST 1998

>> If you take that filter *out* of the Wasp, however, to use it for complex
>> signals (rather than two raw VCOs), the unique distortion character
>> becomes prominent. Especially when you're adding some extra distortion
>> stages from the remaining buffers of a 4069 package.
>> (There were some guitar fuzz boxes designed around CMOS chips
>> as well, but I don't remember which ones.)
>EH Hot Tubes
>also designs from Craig Anderton...

I also like this one:
Have a listen to the hard rocker doing the first sound sample, I bet his
hair's long and his jeans' tight!


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