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	So far the consensus on the Serge Waveshaper is that the three
inputs are Audio Input, CV1 and CV2.  I also found schematics for an Emu
wave converter at http://www.synthfool.com/emuws.gif   It seems to be able
to produce several types of waveforms with voltage controlled parameters
from a sawtooth input.

	According to someone, the "odd/even" switch on the ADA Flanger
selects whether the dry signal is inverted before being mixed with the
delayed signal.

	Why would a 7815/7915 power supply be good inadequate for a
modular??  Is there any reason why one should use a 723 or 317 regulator

	While I was moving things around something interesting in the
September and October 1979 issues of Popular Electronics: "Build This
Polytonic Percussion Synthesizer."  "Technically speaking, Persyn
(pronounced 'person') is a manually and or automatically triggerable,
polytonic percussion synthesizer."  The mixer and tone generators are based
on 1458 op-amps.  There is also a "pulse generator" (looks like a square
wave LFO from a 555), a "balanced modulator for making special effects like
gongs and chimes," and a "trigger interface" (a pulse extractor).
Unfortunately, I'm missing the following issues which describe the
"Snare/Cymbal" and "Sequencer" units.

	Over a year ago I built a Paia Theremax.  It doesn't work right --
the CV outs are extremely anemic (0-1.5V), the carrier bleeds through the
entire circuit, and the VCA will not close all of the way.  I've modified
it a bit to clean up the noise (the output amp, grounding and voltage
regulator), but it still sucks as a controller.  What I would like to do is
keep the front panel controls, lectern case, antennae and inductors, and
throw the rest out.  Basically, want to swap out the PCB for a better
design.  My current assumption is that one could build a better circuit
using op-amps.  Any suggestions??

	Does anyone have schematics for an EML 100 filter??


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