Looking for Delay line schematics and more...

Kira Triea ktree at Morgan.EDU
Fri Feb 27 19:04:00 CET 1998

Hi All, 

I am interested in building a delay line soon - probably
using the sad-1024 or 4096. Does anyone know of a really 
nice schematic around for something like this? Or perhaps
some othr approach entirely. 

Also... I am a nut for drum machines and am just learning 
midi - and I like to build my own stuff (am just finishing
a balanced tube mic preamp w/ 48 v phantom power). So I 
decided to build the ADV-Snare and ADV-Bass - though I 
haven't started them yet. Anyway... what would I need to 
use devices like this w/ my tr707... I guess a midi to CV
controller? Which is better - MAP or Paia? Could I use 
one of these to let my 707 sequence up to 8 modules? 

Thanks all... 


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