solder and flux debate

Andrew Schrock aschrock at
Thu Feb 26 23:45:46 CET 1998

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Tony Clark wrote:
> > One thing that always seems to plague me, even when I plan for it, is
> > the disturbance caused by solder flux.
>    Most synth circuits that I've seen aren't so sensitive that a 
> stable non-conductive flux is going to cause to majorly fail as was 
> described earlier.  Granted, I don't know what kind of solder was being 
> used so it's hard for me to imagine what the real culprit is.  So I'd 
> certainly like to hear from various DIY'ers to see what kinds of 
> solder/flux is being used.  Then I'll know what to stay away from...

I would have to agree with this... I use a big pound of 63/37 multicore
solder, and don't have a lot of complaints. (of course, I *do* have a few
projects with problems, but I'm fairly sure that's due to other issues,
like my being a relative neophyte at this ) I like the flow much better
with 63/37 than with 60/40, although I'm not sure if there are any other

Could it be possible that when Gene (or others) deflux a board it might
fix something else which was the problem? Seems a bit far-fetched, but
it seems the only option left if the consensus is that flux isn't a major


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