Signal grounding and bypassing on mixed signal PCB

List, Chris Chris.List at
Wed Feb 25 20:11:21 CET 1998

This was a good refernce, I haven't poked around the good old Analog
Devices web pages in quite a while (actually, I haven't built anything
in quite a while!). Found another similar article titled: "An IC
Amplifier User's Guide to Decoupling, Grounding, and Making Things Go
Right for a Change", under the linear app notes here;

(you have to select "application notes" after going to the page to find
the article)

- CList 

On Wednesday, February 25, 1998 4:16 AM, Isac Georg Jensen
[SMTP:c908369 at] wrote:
> While searching the Analog Devices pages for non-synth related topic,
> stumbled across an Application Note describing how to do bypassing and
> grounding. It might be a good entry for beginners and/or people who
> to learn more about this thing. Its 3 pages in .pdf format.
> Just go to
> and click on 
> 'SoundPort CODECs technical notes
> -Good practice guide for mixed signal grounding and bypassing on mixed
> signal printed circuit board design.'

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