electronics for a diy ribbon controller

Paul Maddox space_banana at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 25 17:53:16 CET 1998


>>After fumbling around with a 2 foot long piece of metal, a bit of vhs 
>>correct way to wire one of these things??   Also, how can I get an 
>>(zero resistance) whenever the tape connects with the metal?  
>.......well there is a non-electronic solution possibly.....
>if the whole bottom metal bar were hinged on a spring or resilient 
>then you could put a micro switch underneath so that pressing down on 
>closed a switch contact, giving the requires s-trig
>happy hacking from paul perry melbourne australia 

Ok, my daft sugesstion, Assuming you only want an Strig when you 
initially touch the ribbon, why not take the signal from the rod to the 
input of an opamp with a grounding resistor (1M'ish) and have the opamp 
configured as a schmitt trigger, so that when the rod touches the bottom 
of the tape (say .5v) it gives a gate out, and then use this to drive a 
FET (short-to-ground or STrig)? 

Worth a thought?


Paul Maddox

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