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Tue Feb 24 21:49:03 CET 1998

At 12:13 PM -0400 02/24/98, Martin Carrillo wrote:
>For some time I've been wanting to build my own delay unit in the style of
>some of the older units like the Electro Harmonix Memory Man.   I was
>wondering if anyone on the list had any advice on the schematics of the
>older overloading D/A converting delay units or could point me in the right
>direction to find them?

I don't know what you mean by "overloading D/A converting delay."

The Memory Man (I own one, I've opened it up, I've read the schematics)
wasn't digital.  It used a bucket brigade delay -- a Reticon SAD 1024
clocked by a square wave.  This is why people call devices like a Memory
Man an analogue delay.

I do not believe Reticon still makes still makes the SAD 1024, but I
wouldn't let that worry you.  Panasonic makes several BBD chips and clock
chips designed to go with them.  I have seen Panasonic replacements for the
SAD 1024 plugged directly into units requiring such a repair without any
problems.  If you ask nicely, Panasonic should send you free information on
creating designs with their IC's.

There are also several sites on the internet that might have schematics for
analogue delays and flangers that have been manufactured.  You might like
to check out:

Several people on this list have said that the Wilson Analogue Delay is
very good -- probably due to its CV controls.  I have thought of hacking
such inputs into my Pearl Analogue Delay (that and a PSU -- it requires two
9V batteries!!).

This guy I know has an ADA Flanger that uses BBD and has switchable even
and odd outputs.  Anyone know how it does that??


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