arp trig/gate idea problem..

Eric at Svetlana Electron Devices svetengr at
Thu Feb 19 19:06:23 CET 1998

> I have a whiteface Odyssey that I would like to add external CV and Gate
>inputs to so I can control it with my recently acquired Expressionist. Someone
>told me the inputs should go to board "A" but I have no documentation to
>follow so I put this project on hold for now.
> I would appreciate any info on how to go about adding these inputs so I can
>control it through Midi with the rest of my setup.

You're going to MODIFY a WHITEFACE Odyssey??? Ack!
That thing is a collector's item!! Please don't screw it up!!

Eric Barbour
Svetlana Electron Devices
Portola Valley CA USA

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