Need to make or buy a +- 15volt Power supply? Help and suggestions please!

dean stiglitz deknow at
Tue Feb 17 04:59:58 CET 1998

i have a book on power suplies from radio shack...there is a +-12 volt plan,
with instructions for changing the voltage...this is what i plan to use for the
paia vocoder...i found the parts a bit expensive (2 transformers), so the ready
made one might not be a bad idea.


mymoog at wrote:

> I am in need of a +- 15volt DC power supply. I will be using it to power
> the ASM1 kit from G. Stopp. I have toyed with several possible ideas.
> A . I could get an unregulated DC wall wart supply and build a regulator
> curcuit. This appears to be the way the PAIA fatman and MIDI2CV is done.
> B. I could build the whole thing (i.e. Transformer, Bridge, caps, regulator
> etc) from scratch.
> C. I could buy one. (Found one for $60 u.s. at electronix express)
> I am concerned because I understand that the ASM1 needs a very stable and
> well regulated power supply.
> Does anyone have a schematic for a good supply they could FAX me or email
> me as a graphic? I hate that ascii art stuff as it is kinda hard to read.
> David Lee

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