Need some help on selecting a good cleaning substance for a PCB?

mymoog at mymoog at
Mon Feb 16 23:41:57 CET 1998

I have a moog MG-1 PCB which with a little care may be workable agian. The
current problem is that I need to clean the board up some as the foam
padding used to insulate the controls has rotted into a black crust. Is
there a safe chemical I can use that will help to clean the board without
harming the pot's and switches?

I have a working MG-1 so I can use that as a guide when rebuilding this
one. I fear I am going to need to hack in a 50K filter emph pot however as
no one seems to have them anymore (Slide Type) and the PCB is missing it.

On a side note the working MG-1 acts funny in the OSc tunning sometimes. My
first reaction would be to check the power supply for faults? I would
suspect the MG-1 might be dependent on clean balanced power? Has anyone had
this problem? I was thinking that replacing the Electrolytic Caps and
voltage regulators in the PS might help? Any suggestions on testing the
unit for faults would be appreciated.

David Lee

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