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Mark Amundson mamundso at
Fri Feb 13 03:15:44 CET 1998

Henri Kovalainen wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Feb 1998, Mark Amundson wrote:
> > P.S. I am considering submitting a quad noise gate diy project suitable
> > for live or synth percussion. 

>Please do so, unless it uses CLM6000s =)

The plan for the quad gate is not fully formed yet and spec's are open
to suggestion.

So thoughts:

1. Use the Analog Devices SSM2120 dual log detector/VCA chip for the

2. Include a standard three LED "stoplight" gate status indication.

3. Include 30mV signal present and 5V signal limit input level LED's.

4. Stay with unbalanced input/outputs suitable for mixer insert patching
to save

5. One unit rack construction with integral toroidal power supply to
avoid wall warts. Use Jameco's black anodized aluminum enclosures for
cost control.

6. May consider a "Drawmer-like" sweepable bandpass filter for tuneable
triggering of the gates.

7. Emphasize usage of dual op-amp sockets to allow builders to purchase
the quality of op-amp audio performance desired. (i.e. TL072's or
OP275's or BB2604's)


Ideas welcome.

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