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Merlin Zener merlin at ion.com.au
Thu Feb 12 19:17:10 CET 1998

The Dark force of dance wrote:
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> Unless you're really stuck for a resistor value, you should chose a value
> that is as close as possible to the ideal value but less than it. Thus you
> onlyneed to file a little bit to bring it up to the target value.
> [...snip]

Another alternative, if you have board space is to combine
two or more higher value resistors to come *down* to the value
you want. I once ran up a simple Excel spreadsheet so you could
just type in the value(s) you had, the value you wanted, and it
would come up with the value you needed, combinations up to
4 resistors.
Anyone wants it, let me know - I could probably still find it,
or work it out again...

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