AW: AW: multiple power supplies in a modular

Mark Amundson mamundso at
Tue Feb 10 03:42:29 CET 1998

Haible Juergen wrote:
>>Ok, I understand your concern. But hands up anybody who has seen a
>>tantalum, within rated voltage, fry a board.

> Fry a board not, fortunately. But only because most voltage regulators
> are short circuit protected.
> I have had two dead Crumar Performers under my hands, and both
> were immediately cured by replacing a dead tantal that had shorted
> one supply voltage.
> Modern tantals reportetly don't have these problems anymore. JH.

Beware that "wet slug" tantalums (usually in a insulated tubular
cylinder with axial leads) will perform as badly or worse than
electrolytics. Last time I saw them used was on 1970's vintage Torpedo
guidance circuitry.

Mark Amundson,

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