AW: The merlin project. Update and tip.

Tony Clark clark at
Mon Feb 9 17:21:33 CET 1998

> Question is do we risk any other damage from the vibration that is
> involved. Or, taking it one step further, would it also work with the
> resistors already soldered in? (vocoder "file-tuning", opamp and ota
> offsets ...) I guess the solder connections would be stressed too much,
> and a file needs space to work ... so maybe fixing the resistor with
> epoxy on board, and using a little rotary grinder ?

   My concern would be removing the metal filings from the circuit board 
afterwards.  One trick you can do with resistors that you 'need' to be 
precise, use a machined IC socket and plug in resistors as needed.  When 
you have the most precisely matched one found, then it's quite easy to 
solder it into the socket and never worry about component creepage.


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