multiple power supplies in a modular

Paul Perry pfperry at
Fri Feb 6 16:20:24 CET 1998

At 12:18 PM 6/02/98 +0200, Mikko Helin  wrote:

>What is best way to isolate analog and digital power supplies, is
>an extra regulator for digital circuits any better than simply
>a resistor with bypass cap? 
.....well I am not an expert (where has BJ the expert from the
land of Volvos gone?) but I notice that separate digital and analog
EARTHS seem to be the important thing....(joined at one point only)
so the current pulses at switching do not result in local analog "earth"
points going high or low momentarily.....
and anyone who thinks they know how to decouple can put an old 555
timer on the board with a low level preamp and listen.....acid test!

paul perry melbourne australia

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