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>      On the subject of ground loops, a very effective (but expensive) way 
>      to eliminate them entirely is to balance the incoming mains supply to 
>      your studio. For more info, check out:
>     http://www.equitech.com/articles/enigma.htm

Been on a Tesla kick recently... <grin>

Looked at the web site and they mis-spelled Tesla's first name.
They got key facts wrong about his development of AC distribution.

They say that he originated the current system of split 220
distribution and than conventional 3-phase distribution came later...
Tesla's original patents and the system he exhibited at the Chicago 
World's Fair in the 1890's was the Tesla Polyphase System of Electrical
Production and Distribution - multiple phase was an inherent part of 
the whole system.

The 1890's Fair was also the place where Tesla demonstrated his
radio controlled boat before crowds of people. About twenty years
later, Marconi won worldwide acclaim for "inventing" radio.
After Marconi's and Tesla's deaths, the US Supreme court overturned
Marconi's patents and awarded the invention of radio to Tesla.
A big deal for R.C.A who owned the patents...

They say that the Niagra Falls system was a split-system.
It was not - it was polyphase.

They say that the current system of three-phase is delta - with three 
legs kept seperate from a common ground.  There is also the Wye system 
with three seperate legs each tied to the common ground.

There are also minor details of how the split system came into being -
saving on wire costs - but I will not go into these here...

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