quadra phaser summary

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at nbgm.siemens.de
Fri Jun 27 12:49:04 CEST 1997

Wow, I didn't expect so much response.

Thanks for all the hints about the 1N34A - seems to be very common in
but not Europe. I am sure any Ge type diode works (I used AA119). Just
wanted to be sure it is a Ge type. Thanks to all who responded!

Seems the original ARP schematics are kind of rare - many people asked
for a copy. I'll send out one paper copy to Sven Koenig - he will scan
and make in acailable as GIF. I hope this will be okay for everybody -
I won't send out paper copies.

I see that there is also interest in my own, modified version:
This doesn't use hard to come by dual fets, and it is designed as
compact stand
alone unit. I will make this one available as well, but give me a week
or two.
I have to draw the schematics and slightly rework the pcb layout.
Paul Schreiber might use the circuit for a Digisound-style module as
well (he will
first check the legal stuff), so chances are that your needs for a
Quadra phaser
can be satisfied in one way or the other!


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