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Thu Jun 26 20:27:59 CEST 1997

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>Matthew S. Padden (12:52 PM 6/26/97 +0200) had said:
>>What I'd REALLY like to have are some of those rising spark generators 
>>that seemed to be in all the old Hammer horror flicks; Dr Frankenstein 
>>would walk round his basement lab turning on all thse huge glass jars 
>>containing a pair of filaments; big lazy sparks would climb the 
>>filaments and make wicked arcing noises.

Yes, but you DON'T want one around your studio unless you want damage to your
The amount of high voltage radiation emitted from a tesla coil, van de graff
generator or wimhurst static generator can do all kinds of damage to computer
circuits and cause all kinds of RFI noise in a sound system. Trust me on this
one.. I'm speaking from experience. :)


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