Dave Halliday dave.halliday at
Thu Jun 26 06:11:14 CEST 1997

>>A prize to the first photo of a Lego Modular! (Maybe you could make the 
>>cabinets out of Lego and then install real modules...:P )
>>IMHO a major failing in much analog synth music is the static & boring
>>nature of the LFO's....but if you incorporate Leggotecnik(sp) by moving
>>little magnets over linear hall effect devices or lights or shadow producing
>>objects over photo resistors you can make very nice slowly developing
>>themes....and if you are lucky enough to have a cv to midi convertor why
>>there's an endless composing machine right there....

>     I like the idea of using physical motion to create or alter sound. How 
>     about using one or several vibrating string as an LFO to modulate 
>     other sounds. maybe a loose bass string? Has this been done? It would 
>     be interesting to incorporate elements of acoustic instruments with 
>     electronic instruments. I know some degree of this has been done.

Some people at Sun are actually using Lava Lamps to generate very good 
random numbers.  Their technology LavaRand is based on six Lava Lamps 
with a TV camera focussed on them.  You could do something like this 
to generate the 8-bits of MIDI note numbers and other parameters.
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