CS80 from hell

JDMcEachin jdm at synthcom.com
Wed Jun 25 04:12:39 CEST 1997

At 07:35 PM 6/24/97 -0400, Synthfool at aol.com wrote:

<tale of woe deleted>

>Anyway, I'm tired of working on this beast and it is taking up considerable
>room around here.
>What should I do with it?    I can't sell it as a CS80... it's broken. 

>Would anyone want to take this whole 220lbs of synth away for say $300 cash
>as is?
>(I had two offers of $1500 for it if it had worked, BTW.)
>Does anyone want/need the voice boards or other parts? It has 16 boards that
>each have a linear vco, waveshaper, two vcf's, two env's, several vcas (6
>total). Each vcf chip has LP,BP and HP, though the board is only configured
>as one chip being LP and the other HP.
>It has chorus boards, lfos, etc as well.
>Any offers on ANY of this? If I can't get someone to take the whole thing
>away in about 2 days, I'm going to cut it all up and sell whatever I can
>through the newsgroups and throw the rest away. 
>It's a shame, but it's too big and heavy to keep around my little apartment.

I've entertained the thought of buying the whole beast, lock stock & barrel,
but then I'd have to deal with shipping, and I'd have a lot more than I
really want or need.  I'm sure the other CS80 owners have been going through
the same dilemma...

I think everyone would come out ahead if you parted it out.  If you sold
each voice board for, say US$50, I'd be willing to buy one or two for parts,
and I bet others would too.  It's amazing what a difference there is between
$50 and $400 when you're thinking about insurance parts.  If you sold
everything, you'd come out way ahead of the $300 that you'd make otherwise,
though you would have to deal w/ the extra hassle of removing boards,
packing, shipping, and storage of the carcass.

Give it a thought, work out what it'd be worth to you, and let us know...

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Synths as furniture?  Let's ask Kraftwerk: "America is very shy when it
comes to electronics.  People have all the latest state-of-the-art
technology, and yet they put wood panels on the front to help them feel
comfortable.  Or they develop new plastics and try to imitate the appearance
of wood. They use modern technology to try to recreate the Middle Ages.
This is stupid."  

Thanks Ralf - my sentiments exactly! I'll be painting my MiniMoog black now...

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