Interesting new software.....

Romeo Fahl 8brain at
Fri Jun 20 01:48:52 CEST 1997

Mmm... too bad.  I just traded my ST and monitor for some beer.


>Hi People,
>I'm gonna jump to some conclusions right away here...we're all
>musicians, basically electronic musicians yes?
>We're all into electronics, or at least aren't afraid of the internal
>bits and bobs that go into synths...yes?
>In the UK,. the Atari ST was by a long way the major computer used by
>musicians, and it still has a lot of users, it is cheap, and for basic
>sequencing still generally the easiest thing to get going with....
>Well, this little my little ole STe, frequently viewed by many of my
>non-musician PC using friends as only removed from a games console by
>menas of its MIDI sockets has just got a new piece of
>'s a PCB CAD package called Scooter, and it kicks ass
>big time......
>You want netlists, you got them, re-configurable menus and macro's
>(you can change the hot-keys, create new commands etc), Gerber output
>(Gerber input too soon apparently), NC, SM1000, HPGL in either
>Xon/Xoff or RTS/CTS, Calcomp, multi-pen print-out on  plotters, even
>'s got the lot, and because lots of it seems to be in
>hand-optimised assembler, it's quite quick too, certainly as fast as
>PCB Designer on a 100MHz Pentium under Win95....
>The price?.......53.5 UKP, including postage, and a nice little manual
>that sets everything out logically and methodically...
>xlator at
>The guys name is Peter West and he's part of a group of people
>translating German pro software into English and getting it released
>at sane prices......It only runs in ST-High or higher, but that
>shouldn't be a problem as most music software only runs in ST-High
>anyway....that's Mono BTW....

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