Holy Grail of Synthesis, The Middle Ground DIY Kit.

Jay Vaughan jay at teklab.com
Wed Jun 18 19:31:16 CEST 1997

>I agree..
>The Fatman is a cool kit, but a little too limited as synths go.
>I want a FatterMan.

Yeah, good idea!  PAIA - give us FatMan II!  All you'd need to do is get
the mods for the FatMan implemented in kit form, work out a few cool new
ones, fix one or two limitations (the AH archives probably provide tons of
info on this), and away we go!  I'd buy it right now if it were available...	

>The ASM-1 seems to have the right kind of specs. But the idea of getting
>all of sourcing all the various pieces to make it complete is a bit of a
>hurdle. The kit should include everything you need, power supply, pcb,
>front panel, components, instructions, etc. Maybe rackmount case would be
>an optional item, or include assembly instructions for a wooden housing,
>like the theramin kit.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for some web based entrepeneurs that have
the right connections to get the needed supplies...

>Basic Design with all common components.
>Slightly extended from minimoog architecture.
>Modulation architecture from Pro-One.
>  2 VCO (one with sync)
>  3rd VCO usable for audio or modulation or both
>  Noise
>  External Audio In
>  Mixer
>  VFC
>  VCA with two inputs (one from VCF, One direct from Mixer)
>  ADSR x2
>Other considerations (depending on cost)
>  Ring Mod
>  Sample and Hold.
>  Optional design as Patchable for slighly higher cost of
>    switching jacks, wiring, etc. Maybe about 10 patch points.
>    Fully modular is not necessary, I think that is another
>    level of product.
>What is a reasonable target price for most customers? $350?

Well, I would say between $350 and $500, but no higher.  I would be willing
to payup to $500 for the kit if it included panel, power supply, etc. and a
little bit of support if I put it together and have problems getting it

Also, I would add that there would need to be a *very* complete and easy to
follow assembly guide, using the PAIA Fatman's as a perfect example of how
to do it right.



Jay Vaughan          
jay at teklab.com       

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