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Jay Vaughan jay at
Wed Jun 18 19:31:14 CEST 1997

>For data sheets - search for PIC, "Basic Stamp", Parallax ( Parallax is
>a manufacturer of the Basic Stamp and of development kits ) and "Scott
>Edwards" ( another manufacturer )

Also, check out ... 

I've used Basic Stamps for other non-audio related projects (robotics,
automated control, etc), but am *very* interested in how they can be
applied in the synthesis field.

I think I missed the earlier part of this thread where PIC's were
mentioned, and will go through my archives to see if I have it, but if
anyone else has any idea's or applications of PIC's for audio, please let
me know.  I have quite a few spare from past projects, and would love to
figure out some cool uses for them...



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