Potentiometers: what do you suggest??

Synthfool at aol.com Synthfool at aol.com
Sun Jun 15 19:32:24 CEST 1997

In a message dated 6/15/97 9:40:34 AM, you wrote:

>Stephen said:
>>1. Forget the Radio Shack ones unless you want to saw the shaft which is
>>like 5 inches long or something ridiculous and then - cutting the shaft 1/3
>>time destroys the pot inside cause they are fragile.

Jeez... what *are* you using to cut them???? :) (Chainsaw??? ;-)

If you put the shaft end in a vise and use a hacksaw, most of the vibration
will be dampened to the pot. 

I tend to use a high speed rotary cut off disc when I encounter long pot
shafts, there's minimal vibration and they slice of very cleanly and quickly.
Never had a problem yet.


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