centralized power supply

[22Hz] Productions aphex at ksu.edu
Sat Jun 14 10:46:37 CEST 1997

On Sat, 7 Jun 1997, Mark Pulver wrote:

> [22Hz] Productions (04:38 AM 6/7/97 -0500) had said:
> >	Y'know, Sega of all people make a 5 space power strip that is 
> >spaced for wall warts.. I have a 6 space rack with 1 patchbay and 5 fx 
> >processors, and I just velcro the sega strip into it and it all works 
> >fine; one plug for the whole rack and surge protection to boot. Not a 
> >clean fix but certainly worth the $9.95 twice over. Look at Software Etc. 
> These work well in a studio environment, but for folks that move their gear
> around they're a pain 'cause you still have the problem of the weight of
> the wart making it fall out of the strip.

	I've never had that problem and I've played out a bit; my strip's 
velcroed to the inside of my SKB rack and powers all 5 of the powered 
modules in there. no problems. my mileage varies, I guess. 


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