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Sat Jun 14 01:30:10 CEST 1997

<<In any case, i thought it was a pretty nifty gadget for 5 bucks. I stuck 
a few modifications on it, added line inputs and outputs, but that's as far
as I went. Now I'm considering purchasing maybe 4 of them, adding trigger
inputs, power supply, and putting them all in a 1U case for laughs. It
would probably be the cheapest sampler to ever see the light of day, but
it would be fun to hack around with. I figure 30 bucks for the toys
themselves, $5 for a 1U piece of aluminium, a couple dollars more for
switches, wire, and jacks. Maybe upgrade the rhetostat used for the pitch
wheels to potentiometers for another $4. (although even that might be
overkill) Total should be well under $50, much less if you have parts
laying around. >>

Cool! I want one!

Did you just add jacks or is there other stuff involved? I want the plans
when your done!


The Ninth Doctor

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