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Fri Jun 13 02:52:09 CEST 1997

Kent Lunberg wrote:

> Also, at the same lecture, an audience member mentioned that CEM chips
> were back in production...  Either someone from this list was there :-)
> or word is getting around.  Yea!

Nah, the words not getting around much more than it ever was,
it was me, Kyle Jarger, if you mean in Boston this morning.  It's 
good to know another list member was there!

I normally wouldn't have said anything, but it was like, here's Bob 
Pease standing in front of me, and questions from the audience were 
few and far between.

It was interesting that he seemed to not have any opinions about 
analog synths.  Oh well, different strokes... 

Bury me in my Chroma.  :  )    (The PSU will keep me warm)


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JKJ Electronics
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