PC boards

Jeremy N Bradbeer Jeremy_N_Bradbeer at sbphrd.com
Wed Jun 11 20:56:02 CEST 1997

But I take it that none of these programs are autorouters - you still have to 
draw in the tracks yourself?

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Date: 11-Jun-97 12:31:29 PM
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Eddie Burwell wrote:
> I recently purchased WinDraft schematic capture and WinBoard board layout
> through my local NTE distributor. The software is a little buggy but at $60
> I really can't complain. It's limited to 200 pins. Upgrades in pin count can
> be purchased through Ivex.
> Eddie Burwell

PADS Software and Protel Software have freeware versions of their
DOS-based schematic capture & PCB layout software. The PADS version is
an older version of PADS-Logic and PADS-Work for DOS, limited to 300
connections I believe, and Protel's version is a slightly stripped-down
version of their old Protel Schematic and Autotrax for DOS. The software
is definately worth checking out.


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