Pot discussions

Ric Miller rmiller at pangea.ca
Wed Jun 11 17:30:27 CEST 1997

Heh.  Seeing all of the talk about pots on here over the last couple of days,
I've been wondering if I'm one of the only people that uses the 21HE6 series of
pots from Piher.  ???  I've found them to be a 'very good' quality.  Out of my
scale of -11 to +11 (all positives are liked) I'd give them a +6.  :)
And they've got a good selection of Logs, as well.  :)

Come to think of them though, I haven't seen them in too many of the catalogs
that I have. (Mouser; Allied; Digikey; Active/Future; Cardinal/Simmonds; ABRA).
 Hmmmm.  Does anyone else use them, except for people that bought gear from me
that was using them?

Take care all,

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