K2000r Display Dim?

Barry Klein barry.klein at deltronix.com
Tue Jun 10 06:16:00 CEST 1997

 Ob> I have a K2000RS that I would like to have updated with the 
 Ob> display type thst is on my K2500RS (very nice display!)
Kurzweil has told the K2K list that the K25K display is too thick to
fit and there may be noise and power issues due to the new design.  I
don't find this out of line as the backlight is fluorescent and takes
up more space than the EL panel of the K2K's standard display.  If the
new display is controller-compatible you may be able to run it as an
external module as the display is connected by a ribbon cable and
connector.  I think the main thing here is that no-one wants to pay
the bucks to experiment with possible display candidates.  I looked into
it last year and there are several possiblilities but they will cost 
something over $100.  My display is fine (in fact I think it is more
readable if you have an external light source and disconnect the EL
panel).  In my query to the list, most interested parties did not
want to spend THAT much to improve their display.  I had been thinking
of selling a kit for user installation.  That and blue leds would be
nice :-)


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